15.2hh Akhal Teke born 2006
by Aliger out of Gozakhal (Peren line) 
Bred by Central Asian Equines
Type 7.6, Conformation 8.0, Movement 7.7

Azeri Came to Akhal Valley Farms in 2007 with her sister Dessangul. She is a very talented mare with a strong bold equine competitor, that loves her job. She loves to compete in the jumper ring. During her grading in 2010 Dr. Tatjana Ryabova gave Azeri thae title of "Future of the Breed". Azeri now has several successful show seasons under her belt and we are looking forward to her moving forward and moving up.

15.3hh Akhal Teke born 2005 
by Doblet out of Gozakhal (Gelishikli line)
Bred by Central Asian Equines
Type 7.6, Conformation 7.9, Movement 7.7

Dessangul came to Akhal Valley Farms in 2007. She is a beautiful and kind mare. She has three excellent gates that she passes on to her offspring. True to her breed she is naturally athletic and excels at jumping and dressage. Dessangul is an excellent brood are and mother. She has repeatedly produced excellent foals that will be excellent equine athletes.



15.2hh Akhal Teke born 2012
By Gerald out of Dessangul
Bred by Akhal Valley Farms

"Danny" has already grown into a beautiful example of the Akhal Teke breed.  She has an easy going temperament, and is always looking for a way to please you.  She has three magnificent gates, and will finish a large solid mare. She has been started under saddle and is lovely to ride. 



15.1hh Akhal Teke born 2013
By Gerald out of Dessangul
Bred by Akhal Valley Farms

Diana is the spitting image of her father type and build.  She is outgoing and athletic.  Diana's classy, modern, elegant look commands attention just like her father. She has three supple ground covering gates that you can't pull your eyes away from.  Her sweet affectionate disposition and intelligence makes her the perfect combination. 

15 hh Akhal Teke born 1997
By Muir out of Hanbibi
Bred by Fermer stud "Achaltekiner" Dubna Russia. 
Imported to U.S.A. by Tito Pontecorvo
Owner Tito Pontecorvo
We feel very luck to be in the presence of this beautiful mare. She has already proven herself as a wonderful mother, bringing into this world many beautiful foals. She is a very regal creature that loves the little luxuries in life such as a soft brush or a scratch behind the ears. We are very excited to see her foal this year by Gerald. 

16hh Akhal Teke born 2010
By Arim out of Toscana
Bred by Akhal Texas (Tito and Natasha Pontecorvo)
Owner Tito Pontecorvo
 Tara exemplifies the Akhal Teke image. She is tall and lean and graceful. Tara has three exceptional gates that are extremely comfortable for the rider. She is quick to learn and aims to please. Tara has a fabulous willing work ethic and present outlook on life. We are looking forward to sharing in all her future accomplishments. Be it in the show ring, on the farm, or as a broodmare.


Windsor Farm's Tegan


14.1hh Welsh pony cross born 2007
By Rotherwood Crown Prince out of Tea for Two
Bred by Windsor Farm 

Tegan is a lovely welsh pony cross. She is affectionate and curious and cute as button. Tegan is on lease to a dressage rider Tai Lee Metcalf under the tutelage of Olivia Wentworth-Stanley. The two are a perfect pair and compliment each other very well. They have had great success in the past two show seasons and just keep getting better. Tegan seems to have found her partner and her equine sport of choice.